The Rosemary Anne Price MS Research Award

You’ll hear a lot from companies about ‘corporate social responsibility’ and various schemes and initiatives they like to support. Price Perrott has made a specific commitment aimed at supporting innovation into a cure for Multiple Sclerosis amongst researchers in the field.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society aims to support people affected by MS and promote research into a cure for MS. Established in memory of Rosemary Anne Price, this research award is a ten year commitment with an annual donation made until 2019. The funding is used to provide a bursary to two nominated research students working in Multiple Sclerosis, helping them with the costs associated in attending the bi-annual “MS Frontiers” conference.

If you are a researcher in the field who would like to apply for this funding, or you’d like to follow our commitment in supporting MS, please contact Catherine Royall at the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society for more information.

We are delighted that Price Perrott is supporting the MS Society with The Rosemary Anne Price MS Research Award. Attending our 'MS Frontiers' event will be highly valuable to a student involved in the vital work to develop improved treatments and ultimately a cure for MS"

Dr Doug Brown • Head of Biomedical Research • MS Society (UK)


Elena's research at the University of Nottingham Clinical Neurology Group involved an MS Frontiers session entitled 'EBV infection empowers human B cells for autoimmunity - Role of autophagy and relevance to multiple sclerosis.' Her work studying the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) infection may provide insights into the progression of MS.
Grace presented a poster session on Immunopathology entitled "Natural killer cell subsets and the pathogenesis of MS." Her work at Imperial College London is contributing to understanding the role of immune cell interactions in MS relapse.
Luke's research at the University of Bangor investigated the long-term impact of using assistive devices amongst people with MS and their carers.
Elena's research at the University of Nottingham Clinical Neurology Group looked into the aetiology of MS and the role of infections in the disease, specifically herpes viruses and their interactions with endogenous retroviruses.
Daniel's paper from the University of Southampton's Psychology Group entitled "Fatigue experience and salivary cortisol in everyday life in relapsing-remitting MS" received the first 2013 award.
Richard's paper from the University of Oxford's Department of Clinical Neurosciences entitled "The influence of HLA-DRB1 on Cortical Demyelination in MS" received the second 2013 award.

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