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Contact centre managers continually have to balance the operational factors that contribute to achieving high performance in their business operations. Maintaining this balance effectively is essential for a good customer experience, business efficiency, staff morale and delivering service level performance targets.

Ensure your contact centre is ready for changes with an operational review

A Contact Centre Operational Review provides an independent assessment of your performance against best practice in five key areas of contact centre service delivery. Using a rigorous, audit-based approach, our analysis provides you with practical improvement recommendations based on the observed evidence of your contact centre’s day to day operation.

Contact Centre Operational Review topics covered

Assessment process

As each contact centre’s operation differs, the review is tailored to address your specific business needs. Following scoping, there are two stages - an adequacy review with initial data collection, followed by on-site observations and discussions with your people that lead to our recommendations.

Scoping stage

An initial scoping meeting tailors the approach to ensure we correctly apply the critical areas of best practice in the most appropriate way for your contact centre. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs and prepare a tailored consulting proposal.

Adequacy stage
Stage 1 examines your contact centre’s key performance data and operational documentation to inform the on-site observation stage. Staff involvement begins with an online survey, allowing managers and employees to contribute their views openly and confidentially.
On site observation Final report production

No contact centre assessment is complete without on-site observations. Stage 2 builds on the initial findings of the adequacy review to focus our on-site activity. Evidence in each area of best practice is tested through observational interviews, shadowing and on-site sampling of key materials.

This ensures final recommendations produced in the consulting report are based on the hard evidence of observed performance in the context of your centre’s day to day culture.

Results achieved through...

  • A consulting proposal that tailors the review's scope to the needs of your contact centre
  • A customised instance of our SurveyMonkey Contact Centre Review questionnaire for your staff to complete
  • Consulting analysis by consultants with operational contact centre experience
  • Consulting review of questionnaire responses and documentation using best practice International Standards
  • On site observations and interviews (during Stage 2)
  • A final report considering analysis of questionnaires, documentation and on-site interviews and observations

Benefits of conducting a Contact Centre Operational Review

  • Objective assessment by an independent, external reviewer
  • Review performed by individuals with real operational experience
  • Baseline your own compliance against world-class standards
  • On site observations based on analysis of your performance data
  • Tailored approach to the review focuses on your centre's business needs
  • Recommendations provide a clear direction for achieving performance improvements

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The complaints assessment approach is highly valuable and provides deep insight. The ready-to-go staff survey is easy to deploy and provided our organisation with cross-industry benchmarking, allowing us to develop a targeted plan. Catherine Thomas, Customer and Partner Experience Director, Microsoft

We used Price Perrott because of the professional approach they have. It has given us real momentum to make some positive changes for our customers. Adam Cooper, Team Manager Complaints, Inland Revenue

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