Complaints Process Assurance Review

Health checking complaints performance

it’s vital for your organisation’s reputation and performance that you’re equipped to manage customer feedback and complaints effectively. That’s true in both public and private sectors, in large and small organisations, operating domestically or internationally.

Effective complaint management involves more than just dealing with individual customer issues. It’s an end-to-end business process that covers everything from your culture and strategy to the way you improve performance through learning from feedback and complaints.

AS/NZ 10002:2014 is the latest International Standard for Complaints Management, providing guidance for your organisation to achieve world-class standards in complaints management.

Independent reviews provide a focused plan for improvement

A Complaints Process Assurance Review provides an independent evaluation of your organisation's performance against each area of the AS/NZ 10002:2014 International Standard.

Using a rigorous, audit-based approach based on ISO 9001 Quality Systems Auditing, our review provides a compliance assessment that evaluates observed evidence against each section of AS/NZ 10002:2014. It's complementary to our Complaints Management Assessment's review of your cultural attitudes, focusing on observed evidence of process and procedural compliance against the International Standard.

The Process Assurance Review covers the five core topics in the International Standard:

5 steps in a Complaints Process Assurance Review

Assessment process

Organisations tend to be at different stages of complaints maturity, so the review is tailored to address your specific compliance review objectives. Following scoping, there are two stages - an adequacy review of your available material and documentation, followed by on-site observations to validate your operational compliance with AS/NZ 10002:2014.


An initial scoping meeting tailors the approach to reflect the level of complaints process maturity in your organisation. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs and prepare a tailored consulting proposal and timescale to suit your review objectives.

Adequacy stage

Stage 1 involves a review of your key complaints related procedures and documentation. The Stage 1 report outlines obvious non-conformances against the AS/NZ 10002:2014 standard requiring attention. This provides an opportunity to rectify issues prior to the observed assessment.

A plan for Stage 2 sets out an appropriate time scale for addressing the initial findings before proceeding with the observed assessment.

On site observation Final report production

Stage 2 tests practical adherence to AS/NZ 10002:2014 through on site observations, providing evidence from within your organisation.

The final report details observed non-conformances and the improvement actions required to bring your organisation in line with the Standard’s best practice.

Results achieved through...

  • A consulting proposal, tailoring the review's scope to fit your assurance objectives and complaints maturity
  • Consulting analysis by consultants with operational customer service and complaints experience
  • A consulting review of Stage 1 documentation against the AS/NZ 10002:2014 International Standard
  • On site observations and interviews (in Stage 2) across your locations
  • A final report considering analysis of documentation, on-site interviews and observed evidence of compliance

Benefits of conducting a Complaints Process Assurance Review

  • Identify improvements to achieve AS/NZ 10002:2014 compliance
  • Objective assessment by an independent, external reviewer
  • Focused corrective action plans to guide improvement activities
  • Tailored assessment review fits your complaints maturity level
  • Evidence of action taken can be submitted to your formal ISO 9001:2015 Quality Audits
  • Baselines your complaints process performance against world-class standards of Complaints Management
  • Process compliance review is complementary to behavioural analysis from our Complaints Management Assessment

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The complaints assessment approach is highly valuable and provides deep insight. The ready-to-go staff survey is easy to deploy and provided our organisation with cross-industry benchmarking, allowing us to develop a targeted plan. Catherine Thomas, Customer and Partner Experience Director, Microsoft

We used Price Perrott because of the professional approach they have. It has given us real momentum to make some positive changes for our customers. Adam Cooper, Team Manager Complaints, Inland Revenue

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