Complaints Improvement Masterclasses

Learn how to use complaints to transform your customer experience

The way your organisation manages customer complaints is a make-or-break factor for success. The consequences of poor complaint management can lead to increased dissatisfaction, poor customer experiences and - in today's world of social media - very public negative word of mouth.

This comprehensive one day masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to transform your organisation's strategy, performance and processes in complaint management.

This masterclass is also ideal for a dedicated in-house event. This allows your customer service teams, managers and leaders to learn about best practice, whilst holding focused discussions on improving your organisation's complaints performance.

22nd August
2019 • Sydney

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How did previous attendees rate this masterclass?

87% rated their satisfaction with this event as good or excellent.

97% agreed or strongly agreed that it was informative, presented in a clear and engaging way, participative and relevant to their needs.

Attendee comments

The content was engaging and valid for those who manage customer complaints.

"Was a great course, very happy I attended."

"The workshop was informative and made me reflect on my own complaint handling as well as my team's complaint handling. Jason gave great insight into the Standard for complaint handling as well as techniques to use when communicating with complainants.

A really informative, engaging session. Good mix of how the content was delivered and participants felt encouraged to take part and comment. It is clear that Jason is well informed and passionate about what he does."

"The workshop was engaging, informative and well run."

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Masterclass objectives

By the end of this masterclass, attendees should expect to be able to:

Explain the key features of the 10002 International Standard for Complaints
Describe the benefits of a positive culture towards complaints for their organisations
Identify the reasons why dissatisfied customers do or don't choose to complain
Apply insights gained from customer complaints to identify improvement projects
Apply the 10002 Standard to improve their organisation's complaints processes.

Attendees will learn about...

• The strategic value of complaints to an organisation
• The 9 steps of a best practice complaints management process
• Using the 10002 International Standard to improve business performance
• Complaints roles and responsibilities - from the CEO to front line staff
• How complainant behaviour impacts on people and processes
• Why your complaints response affects customer satisfaction
• Successful techniques for introducing organisational change

The masterclass uses presentation material, interactive group discussion and case study exercises to help attendees apply the material to their own situation.

This masterclass is ideal for public and private sector:

Directors, senior managers and executives responsible for customer service or complaints
Heads of department, customer service managers, contact centre managers and team leaders
Business change managers responsible for improving customer-facing services
Complaints managers and team leaders looking to improve operational performance
Programme and project managers working in customer service improvement
Quality managers and auditors who want to gain a deeper understanding of complaints standards

Morning session

  • Introductions and objectives
  • The strategic value of complaints for business improvement
  • Complaints good practice: The 10002 International Standard
  • Human factors 1: Complainant behaviour

Afternoon session

  • Human factors 2: Managerial and employee attitudes
  • Defining quality in a complaints response
  • Implementing change: steps to creating a positive complaints culture
  • Using complaints to identify service improvement opportunities
  • Personal action planning

Complaints Strategy and Service Improvement for the Public Sector

Using discussions on the unique challenges and opportunities involved in delivering public service, this dedicated Masterclass is focused on helping people responsible for complaints and customer service in Central Government, Local Government and other public agencies to improve performance.

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22nd August 2019
Sydney, Australia

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