The Rosemary Anne Price MS Research Award

A decade of support provided to MS researchers

We are delighted that Price Perrott is supporting the MS Society with The Rosemary Anne Price MS Research Award. Attending our 'MS Frontiers' event will be highly valuable to a student involved in the vital work to develop improved treatments and ultimately a cure for MS.

Dr Doug Brown • Head of Biomedical Research • UK MS Society

You’ll hear a lot from companies about ‘corporate social responsibility’ and various schemes and initiatives they like to support. Price Perrott made a commitment in 2009 to support innovation and research into a cure for Multiple Sclerosis amongst researchers in the field for ten years.

The UK Multiple Sclerosis Society aims to support people affected by MS and promote research into a cure for MS.

Established in memory of Rosemary Anne Price, this research award provided a bursary to two nominated research students working in Multiple Sclerosis, assisting with their costs of attending each bi-annual UK “MS Frontiers” conferences from 2011 to 2019 inclusive.

Price Perrott is delighted to have been able to help support the work of these researchers throughout this period. Details of the researchers and their work supported at each conference are listed on this page.

Add your contribution

There's no cure for Multiple Sclerosis yet. If you'd like to add your support to the fight against this disease and helping those affected, please make a donation to the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society (or a local society in your own country).

Award recipients


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