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Private and public sector organisations both face a constant service challenge: to understand, meet and exceed the demands of their customers, whilst also improving business performance and controlling costs.

Our thinking presents videos, articles and discussions on the issues, case studies tools, techniques and key lessons that organisations can learn from in their journey to improve the customer experience and put service first.

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What chocolate cookies teach us about customer service

When your customers just aren’t coming through the door, how can you still build trust and create a positive customer experience for them? And where does a chocolate cookie fit into the picture?

DoubleTree by Hilton took an innovative approach when facing the COVID-19 pandemic.


Online customer service own goals that'll break your business case

As organisations continue investing in online customer service, how can you avoid 'own goal' service delivery failures that undermine your business case for self-service?

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How to ACE customer loyalty after a complaint

When things go wrong, what marks out a world-class organisation is how they handle, and respond to, a customer's complaint. How did New Zealand's ACE car rentals turn a customer complaint into customer loyalty?

We're a 5 star hotel, but we're not interested in your custom

Not the customer experience you'd expect from a premium hotel, but the results of approaching five leading providers in Sydney, Australia as potential training venues. What lessons can we learn about the critical role of front line staff in generating sales by creating a positive customer experience?

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Employee attitude can create a stellar customer experience

An employee's attitude can create a stellar customer experience. This New Zealand Local Government case study describes how one person's dedication and commitment created an exceptional customer experience.

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Brilliant basics: How FedEx delivered outstanding customer service

Simple attention to the basics of customer service can achieve spectacular results. In this case, FedEx delivered customer delight, as well as a parcel.

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Brilliant basics are essential for good service: a case study of banking failure

Following a UK bank being voted the most complained about provider, its CEO stated that being "socially useful" was a way to rebuild customer trust.

A more basic requirement is addressing the process failures and disconnects that create poor customer service. This case study of a UK bank's customer service failure illustrates what it's like dealing with failed processes.


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