11 • Planning your future with 2020 hindsight

What changes would you make with 2020 hindsight? This episode has four action steps to help you create your personal, professional and operational development plan for the year, by learning lessons from the past.

We’ll talk about what’s been covered in the first ten episodes of the service first® podcast during 2020, and how you can use these insights and resources in developing your plans for the year ahead.

A new year is a good time to reflect on your progress and personal development, to make sure you’re using experience to stay on track. It’s a time to look forward and tackle what’s coming in the year ahead, guided by the experience of yourself and others.

So let’s look forward to creating your plans for the year – and we’ll start by learning from looking back at 2020, with help from the service first® podcast.

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In this podcast episode

It's great to see you back at the start of a new year, ready to move forward with fresh thinking that puts customer service first.

For many people, the start of a new year is a chance for reflection, renewal and a fresh start in their personal development, strategic or operational planning. For others, it was just another Thursday turning into Friday, as 2020 turned into 2021.

Whatever your approach to the end of the calendar year, there'll come a time when you need to develop or refresh your planning for the future. So in this podcast episode, we're taking the opportunity to continue where we left off, and show you the importance of lessons learned (or learnt if you prefer) in forming your personal, strategic or operational planning.

Whether you're an established listener or new to the service first® podcast, this episode gives you a quick run down of the key customer service lessons we covered in 2020, along with four action points to help you form your plans for 2021.

I'll also talk about what's coming up in the next year of podcasting (as far as any of us can tell!), including:

  • online and multi-channel customer service - addressing the service expectation gap
  • customer strategy - how to create one and turn it into service delivery in practice
  • more on customer feedback and complaints, with a new complaints standard due in late 2021
  • what bees can teach us about change management in our customer service teams?
  • management consultants - whether you use them or want to be one, what does putting service first mean in management consultancy?

Events, dear boy, events

British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, when asked what would determine the course of his government

Lessons to learn

Here are four action steps for you to take in to develop your customer service plans for the coming year:

  • Write down some of the personal changes you've experienced, mapped onto the six stages of concern model
  • Take a look at your personal, professional or customer service feedback for the last year. Review what went well, and not so well.
  • Think of two situations last year when someone's attitude made a difference (good and not so good) to the outcome. What could you do differently?
  • Put together a personal, professional and customer plan for the year - starting with a lessons learned review of last year.

In each of these steps, you can use the resources from the first ten episodes of the service first® podcast to help you learn from the experience of others. Start your new year on the right foot, by looking back so you can move forward, and learning from the experience of others.

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