8 • Make someone's day in customer service

What can you do as a call centre leader, front-line advisor - or as a customer - to make someone's day in your next call centre customer experience?

In this podcast, you’ll find out what it was that an AA Insurance call centre advisor did to deliver great customer service – and what the customer did next to make their day.

There are five tips for call centre staff and customers on giving, and rewarding, great customer service.

PODCAST • 11 minute listen

In this podcast episode

Delivering a good customer service experience is a make-or-break factor that rewards customer loyalty, or if it fails, sends customers on the path of dissatisfaction and anger - and their business to your competitors.

In this podcast, you'll learn from a case study of what a call centre advisor at AA Insurance New Zealand did right to make their customer's day. It's an example of good customer service skills and shows how positive customer feedback can help call centre manager's learn and improve customer service.

It's an every-day situation, but a feel-good story that call centre managers, front-line call centre advisors and customers can take away lessons from.

You'll learn three lessons about how to make someone's day in your next call centre conversation, along with five practical tips for call centre managers and staff.

As a customer, there are five things you can do to return the favour when you get great customer service, and you'll learn how you can make a difference to any call centre employee.

It's eleven minutes of your day, but they're lessons that'll live with you for a lifetime.

A customer can make someone’s day with a compliment during the call, but you can make their month if you let their supervisor know why you think they’re a superstar

Dr. Jason Price

Lessons to learn

Three lessons you can take from this podcast are:

  • Customer loyalty can't be taken for granted. Angry customers take their business elsewhere.
  • Good customer service means getting personal, and making it easy to do business with them
  • Customers receiving good service should ask for a supervisor and tell them why the advisor is a star.

Links and references

  • Visit AA Insurance New Zealand and experience great customer service

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