16 • Learning from little things makes a big impression

Good customer service isn't just about getting big things right, it's about the importance of service quality in every little action that's carried out. The little things add up to making a big impression, so it's your attention to detail in customer service that makes or breaks the customer experience.

In this episode, you'll hear two contrasting stories of how small details add up to customer delight and, conversely, customer dissatisfaction. You'll also hear how a failure to listen to customer feedback leads to increased dissatisfaction and a customer's intention to take their business elsewhere.

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What is it about the little things that make a big impression? The quality of your customer service experience isn't just defined by one big event, it's a combination of small details that add up to create a customer's impression of your brand, your values and your commitment to customer service.

In today's episode, you'll hear two contrasting stories of customer experiences - one that leaves a customer delighted with the flexibility, understanding and effort from their local Mini dealership that made a difficult situation a smooth experience from start to finish. A positive attitude that put them at the centre of every detail of their service experience left them spreading the good news about the service to others.

Contrast this with another customer's travel experience in which a catalogue of little problems add up to customer dissatisfaction, a sense of a lack of attention, a failure to respond to feedback and proof positive that research theory is correct when the customer decides to take their business to a competitor in future.

The quality standard you're going to set is the one you're prepared to walk past.

Dr. Jason Price

Key lessons from this podcast

Here are the three lessons you'll hear in today's podcast that'll help you improve your own customer service experience:

  • 1. Make your customer feel the complete centre of your attention. Every little action creates an impression.
  • 2. Reflect a positive customer service culture in every little action that's carried out in your organisation.
  • 3. Make sure you listen to, and learn from, customer feedback - both positive and negative.

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