Service first podcast • Fresh insights for customer service leaders

Dr. Jason Price explores the issues and challenges that stop customer service leaders like you from delivering outstanding customer experiences – and the knowledge you need to achieve better results.

You’ll hear advice, hints, tips and guest interviews to help you learn, develop and grow as you transform your organisation’s customer experience and operational performance, by putting customer service first.



5 • Three lessons for creating world class customer experiences

As a customer service professional, how can you create a world-class customer experience with every customer interaction you have?

In this podcast, you’ll learn from the story of FedEx Craig about three actions you can take that’ll improve your customer service performance and turn every customer’s experience into a story of customer delight.

4 • Leadership attitude matters in customer service

PODCAST • 9 minute listen

Attitude matters – and it’s your customer service attitude that makes a difference to the people you deal with every day. As a leader, your managerial attitude affects employee behaviour – and that affects the customer experience.

In this podcast, Dr. Jason Price uses a customer service case study to show why managerial and employee attitude is so vital to customer service – and the difference that your leadership behaviour makes.

3 • It should have been simple

PODCAST • 18 minute listen

In this case study of customer service chaos, we're going to look at how the simple act of buying a washing machine from a national retailer turned into a customer experience nightmare.

It's a story of cascading process failures and avoidable customer pain, with lessons for every organisation to learn.

If you're in customer service, this is a story you can learn from.



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