15 • The ABC of effective online service

Whilst organisations are increasing their investments in online customer service technologies, customer survey results still indicate a need to do better. What simple methods are there to improve online customer service and support, and deliver better ‘right first time’ service using online channels?

In this episode, you’ll hear case study examples of avoidable online service failure, and how following the ABC of effective online service makes the difference in providing a positive online customer service experience.

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In this podcast episode

In the final episode of my mini-series about improving the online and multi-channel customer service experience, you'll hear three examples of how organisations deal differently with online customer enquiries from their website and e-mail.

Responding effectively to online service brings improvements in customer satisfaction and first (or early) contact resolution, fewer unnecessary interactions, lower customer stress and builds the trust needed to achieve effective customer channel shift.

It's an essential skill, yet we see so many organisations continuing to repeat information, ignore the customer's content and generate work that causes a poor experience.

The case studies contrast the service failures from an airline and a global technology company, with a positive example of a technical support team that just gets online customer service right from the start.

You'll hear how three simple criteria - the ABC of effective online service - can act as a checklist for every customer service leader and team member to ensure they're doing the things they need to avoid repeat contacts and raise customer satisfaction.

Read the message first, in full, and check that your planned response bears any resemblance to the questions the customer has asked, before you hit send.

Dr. Jason Price

The ABC of effective online service

Here are the ABC criteria that you can apply to improve your own online customer service performance:

  • Accurate
  • Believeable
  • Complete

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Links and references

Online learning resources from Price Perrott, to help you apply this podcast to improve your own customer service and contact centre operations.

  • The Inner Circle Guide to Video and Next Generation customer contact, ContactBabel: June, 2021


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