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Delivering world-class customer service doesn't happen by chance. Our videos share our learning from helping clients across the world improve their customer experience by putting service first.

You'll find content covering everything from strategic thinking and leadership culture to hands-on, operational tips that'll help you make a real difference in delivering customer service.

From call centres to complaints, government to the private sector, programmes to projects, boardroom to front-line delivery, there's something to watch here that'll help you improve your performance by putting customer service first.


Change management: Preparing your teams for life after lockdown

As a customer service leader, you need to adapt your leadership style when managing change. With the relaxation of covid19 lockdowns, you’ll need to prepare your teams to return to work life after lockdown.

This 4 minute video gives managers leading teams through change three practical tips on coping with change after covid19.

1 of 3 • Improve your video calling working from home

VIDEO • 5 minute watch

How can you make a good impression in your next video call now you're working from home? Whether it's a video call interview, a meeting with colleagues or a chat with family, having a good working from home video conferencing setup makes all the difference.

In the first of a short series of three videos, I'm sharing tips on how to make the most of your home office video conference lighting setup.

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