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How can you make a good impression in your video calls now you're working from home? Whether it's a video call interview, a meeting with colleagues or a chat with family, having a good working from home video conferencing setup makes all the difference.

The first video in this series helps sort out your lighting. Now you're no longer silhouetted against your window or suffering from a shiny orange ball of light on your forehead, that's great -but what about your camera?

There's no point being beautifully lit, if you're staring down at people and looking more like Big Brother than an approachable work colleague. You'll need to position your camera well, making sure you're the focus of attention.

Eye contact is important between people, so knowing where your audience are in a video conference is crucial. Don't be the person who spends the meeting giving the impression you're not paying attention.

Without eye contact, people do not feel that they are fully in communication

Argyle & Dean (1965) • Eye-contact, distance and affiliation • Sociometry

Now you've got everyone's attention, make sure you don't embarrass yourself by leaving your camera on whilst you take a bathroom break, for example.

There's a golden rule in video conferencing - if you wouldn't do it in a meeting room, don't do it at home on video.

Learning points

  • Smartphone and laptop cameras have good resolution.
  • External webcams give you greater flexibility in positioning
  • Place your camera as close as possible to eye level
  • Look directly into the lens to engage your audience
  • If you wouldn't do it in a meeting room, don't do it at home on video

These five points can help you to make the most of the camera setup you've already got to create the best impression when you take a video conference call.


In this video, we hear about an example of a high profile, embarrassing online meeting disaster.

Watch Jennifer's zoom call bathroom failure as she forgets to turn off her camera whilst taking a bathroom break.

What's next?

In the final video of this series, you'll find out about Action – the ABC of making sure you make the most of your performance in your next video call.

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