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In this video

If you've sorted out your lighting and camera setup, what else do you need to cover to make a good impression in your next video call, now you're working from home?

This final video in a three part series talks about Action – the ABC of video conferencing from home.

You'll learn how to improve your Audio, check your Background and ensure you have the Competence to manage your call professionally.

"Sorry, we can't hear you"

Good audio is vital for zoom communications. There's no point being seen, if you can't be heard!

You don't necessarily need to invest in expensive equipment, but your choice of microphone makes a big difference. There's a podcast that accompanies this video where you can hear the difference from five different microphone setups, typical of the kind of equipment that a home video conferencing user might have.

You can also take steps to absorb echo in the room around you, so you sound less like you're presenting in a cathedral.

"It's behind you!"

The background to your home video conference is as much a part of the call as you are.

Make sure you're aware of the background, tidy up and consider how you appear within the scene. You don't want a pot plant growing out of the back of your head, or have your call disrupted by your corporate dog's enthusiastic demands for ball play.

"Oh wait, which button is it?"

Your competence is the final, critical factor in how you appear on a video call.

Take the time to learn the features of the product you're using, so you're not miming at your colleagues with your microphone off or appearing as a potato throughout the meeting.

Learn from your early mistakes and keep going, with enthusiasm for this new way of working with your colleagues.

Success in life is the ability to move from one mistake to another without losing enthusiasm

Sir Winston Churchill

Learning points

  • Record yourself on audio microphones available to you and pick the one that sounds best
  • Check the whole scene so you know what's in the background on camera
  • Take time to learn the tool you're using, so you're competent with the technology

Making sure you're on top of this simple ABC ensures you'll make the most of your home office video conferencing setup - without appearing as a mute potato in your next call (albeit one that's perfectly lit and well composed!).


In this video, we hear about:

How different microphones make you sound on camera. Listen to this audio on the Service First® podcast.

More examples of interruptions to video calls on national television - watch the video of a BBC news interviewee's children

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