How to work from home (when you own a dog)

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If you're adapting to working from home - either because of Covid-19 or because you're taking advantage of greater workplace flexibility - you'll benefit from making some changes to help you adapt to your new routine.

In this video, I share four tips that'll help anyone with their working from home productivity. I also look at the specific challenges faced by dog owners, who have to cope with the challenges and "unique help" offered by their new corporate canine colleague.

Those new to working from home can find it an isolating experience. This research in particular (covered in point 4) highlights why people can find it a challenge to adapt to their new environment.

While isolation can lead to social frustration that arises from a lack of interaction from work peers, it can also lead to feelings of professional isolation

Kurland & Bailey (1999) • The advantages and challenges of working here, there, anywhere and anytime

The good news is that, by following these four tips - and with help from your dog - you'll be able to take these new challenges in your stride and work from home productively, and efficiently.

I talk about points for each of the four tips during this six minute video.

Four tips for working at home productivity

  • 1. Have a plan to structure your day
  • 2. Maintain your professional standards
  • 3.Take breaks on a regular basis
  • 4. Maintain social interaction

Ensuring you adhere to these four tips will help you achieve better working from home productivity - and help you manage the assistance you'll get from your corporate dog.

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