Reach new heights in customer service performance

We're an independent management consultancy that helps you improve the quality, efficiency and performance of your customer-facing services.

From customer strategy to contact centre operations, learning from complaints to continuous improvement, we provide the insights, assurance and improvements that'll help you reach new heights in the customer experience you provide.

We've helped public and private sector clients in New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific and the UK achieve results by putting customer service first.

Customer service matters

What are the issues that matter today in customer service, customer experience and learning from complaints in the public and private sectors?

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Online customer service - a story of relationship breakdown

What makes a bank think it's a good idea to delete transactions without asking, and fail to inform the customer about their decision?

In this podcast, you'll hear a story of organisational inflexibility and a refusal to learn from a customer complaint, that causes avoidable and unnecessary customer service pain. You'll find out why relationships matter and four things you can learn to prevent your customer relationships breaking down.

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Ten contact centre lessons learned from the Grenfell Inquiry

Watch the video and listen to episode ten of the service first® podcast, to see how the inquiry into the tragic Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 has lessons learned for every contact centre.

In this second in our series on lessons learned, you'll learn about ten lessons identified from the phase 1 inquiry report's investigations into operational call handling on the night of the fire.

Is Local Government getting better at handling complaints?

See Price Perrott's interactive tableau analysis of the 2019 report into Local Government progress on complaints performance by the Victorian Ombudsman. Click the image below to open our dashboard.

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Leading teams in the return to work after COVID-19?

As a customer service leader, you need to adapt your leadership style when managing change.

This 4 minute video introduces the 'stages of concern' change model and helps managers leading teams with three practical tips for the return to work after COVID-19.

Is a defensive culture stopping your organisation from learning?

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At the heart of delivering an excellent customer experience is creating a positive culture towards customers and learning from their complaints and feedback.

Explore this in more detail in our article analysing published research into the effects of defensive culture on organisational performance.

How we can help

Delivering a world-class customer experience needs a sound customer strategy, a positive culture and committed people. It also needs efficient and effective processes, the right technologies and a commitment to learning from customer complaints and feedback. Here's how Price Perrott can help you.

Insights & Analytics

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Transform your operational data into customer experience insights, so your organisation can make intelligence-led business decisions.

We combine our operational experience with world-class analytics tools to help you find new ways to put customer service first.


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An external health-check gives you a fresh perspective and helps ensure you're on the right track to achieve the results you need.

Using international standards and best-practice research, we apply our experience to carry out comprehensive reviews of your programmes & projects, complaints handling and contact centre operations.


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Understanding your current performance is the first step to improvement. You also need to implement changes that help your people understand their journey and "what's in it for me?"

From customer strategy to front-line operational delivery, we'll help you turn insights and strategy into realistic, tangible improvements in customer service.

Client case studies

We've helped public and private sector clients across the globe with engagements including customer strategy, analytics dashboard development, change programme delivery and independent assurance reviews based on International Standards and best-practice research benchmarks.

Price Perrott worked with Microsoft Australia to apply our Complaints Management Assessment across their Asia-Pacific regional contact centres and benchmark their culture and attitudes to customer complaints. The interactive analysis report revealed interesting perspectives on managerial and employee attitudes to complaints. It provided a benchmark for future initiatives and informed development of Microsoft's AS/NZ 10002 International Standard compliance plan.

Inland Revenue (IR) wanted to assess its complaints behaviour and staff culture to understand how the organisation currently valued complaints. Price Perrott applied our Complaints Management Assessment to IR's front line customer contact centres across New Zealand. The final report provided insights into IR's cultural attitude towards complaints, supporting the case for cultural changes in the perception of complaints.

Price Perrott helped Hutt City Council with insights and improvement in two areas of customer service.

We created a customised Tableau Online Performance Analytics dashboard using the council's Excel data, collected from front counter customer service transactions. The dashboards provided the Customer Service Manager with at-a-glance analysis of operational staffing performance. This led to more efficient use of resources, saving time and money in the long-term.

We also delivered Complaints Improvement Masterclasses to managers and staff in all areas. These provided best-practice education in the AS/NZ 10002:2014 International Standard for complaints, along with consulting exercises to identify the business and cultural changes required to improve the council's learning from complaints. We provided further support to the council with development of its MSP® Complaints Improvement Programme through the Identification and Definition stages.

Price Perrott worked with Water New Zealand and the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to deliver a Complaints Webinar for Local Government attendees across New Zealand. The webinar covered international standards for complaints management and the implications of new national performance measures in water complaints reporting.

The webinar assisted councils, Water New Zealand and DIA to address long-standing, contentious issues in water complaints reporting.

Price Perrott delivered MSP® Programme Management to extend the council's Customer First initiative into a phase 2 business change programme. The council wanted to extend its phase 1 investment in a corporate Contact Centre and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to provide benefits for service areas working with the most vulnerable members of the community.

We designed an MSP® change programme and implemented the Identification and Definition stages. This established a vision, strategy and direction for extending customer service investment into Benefits, Housing, Adults and Childrens' Services.

Price Perrott carried out an independent Project Assurance Review of stage 1 of the council's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation project. The council wanted to assess the project's compliance with CRM best-practice as it planned the next stage of work.

Our review highlighted several areas that required attention. Comprehensive recommendations backed by researched best-practice references limited the project's risk and re-focused its subsequent delivery stages.

Lambeth Council wanted an independent audit of the quality of its responses to customer complaints. Price Perrott carried out a Complaints Response Quality Review, assessing the council's previous quality audit approach against researched best-practice in complaints. We developed a new, innovative model for complaints quality and applied it to a representative sample of 200 complaints responses.

The final report identified improvements in the way the council analysed and audited complaints for quality improvement.

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